About Us


What Is Canna Media Network?

CMN is a digital media company that includes e360tv, an on-demand viewing platform that is available 24/7 on all web-connected televisions and IOS/Android devices. CMN combines the latest technology, top-tier media production, content providers and global distribution channels to deliver value to audiences.

CMN uses a global distribution network to aggregate and promote quality programming on platforms available on all screen types. e360tv provides viewers with unique experiences that connects them to their actual preferences, locations, demographics, and online profiles.

For the first time ever, we will integrate content, social media, experimental technology and commerce into a “lean-back” viewing experience dependent on their actual preferences, locations, demographics, and online profile.

We have created a win for our audiences, a win for content providers and a win for our partners to reach and interact with this rapidly-growing community.  

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Our Approach

Canna Media Network Sees the Future...and it’s Big!

We at Canna Media Network (CMN) see the emergence of a progressive, alternative community that is inseparable from the broader mainstream and that is seeking content they can identify with and makes them feel part of a like-minded “tribe”.  With that in mind, CMN merged compelling content, revolutionary OTT technology, and acclaimed veterans of mainstream media to create Canna Media Network Inc.


Strategic Partners

Award-Winning Global Media Studios

Global Media Distributors

Online Training Systems

Mainstream Social Networks

Independent Content Providers

HD, 360, AR&VR Production

Event Organization

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Meet the Team

The CMN human capital consists of the CMN personnel, Stellaris International and NBTV, NY. This partnership melds years of media experience and technology with the world of cannabis.

AARON HEIMES – Chief Executive Officer, Project Leader

Aaron comes to CMN with extensive cannabis-related business experience and acumen in developing and deploying business strategies that focus on top-line revenue and long-term value of the company. Utilizing project management methodologies and team inputs, Aaron plans, organizes, initiates and monitors strategies in the realms of marketing, advertising, sales, and deployment of related strategies. One of Aaron’s strong points is assembling, organizing and developing strong teams for projects. Aaron has two MBAs in Energy and Project Management.

AGGIE KOBRIN–Chief Media Officer

Aggie has over 15 years in the conference, event, and media management and brings expertise, experience and creativity to all that she does. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to local profit and nonprofit groups, women's organizations, small and large associations and so much more. She also has extensive experience in live events, television, film, apps, games and much more.

JEFFREY ROSS – Content / Program Development 

Jeff has extensive experience in feature film finance, production, screen writing, directing, producing, marketing, and distribution. In his 38 years of experience in the film and television industry, Jeff has been an actor, feature film screenplay writer, script doctor, producer and director. Some of the major companies he has worked for are Cinergi Films, Disney, Fox, and Universal. As an Independent Producer, Jeff has had to acquire extensive experience in raising capital to finance films and television productions. As such, Stellaris Entertainment Finance was born. In that vein, as an Executive Producer and Film Consultant to other production companies, Jeff has assisted in raising money and in controlling the distribution of their film to ensure a return on investment.

JOEL LEVINE – Business Operations

Joel Levine joined CMN due to his high acumen in building and growing companies while managing internal operations. Joel’s experience includes the growth of the largest security company in Southern California and then selling the company before becoming a part of CMN. Joel’s duties with CMN including managing sales channels, B2B relationships and building the business.

NICK SABEAN – Digital Engagement and Strategy

Nicholas Sabean is CMN’s expert in deployment of OTT and related technologies that deliver interactive content that is monetized via multiple business models such as subscription, SVOD, TVOD, pay-per-view, real-time payments and micro-payments. Nicholas’s expertise includes business development for WireWax, MPP Global, SendUs and consulting for such companies as Sky, The Times, L'Équipe, The Daily Mail, el Mundo, el Tiempo, Local Media Group, The Irish Times, TP Vision, and Universal Music Group.


David joins the CMN as the company’s chief editor for all written editorial content relating to CMN social channels, scripts and related materials. David background and education is in writing, editing and teaching.

HAROON OQAB – Technical Director

Haroon holds two master engineering degrees in mechanical and materials engineering and electrical and computer engineering. Haroon is also Canadian Space Society’s National Technical Program Manager and is well-diverse in web design and other technical expertise. As CMN’s Technical Manager, Haroon is responsible for internal web design along with being CMN’s liaison to external technical contractors for video platforms. Haroon is an incredible asset to the company and pivotal member to it’s success.

TIM SABEAN – Content / Program Development Consulting, NBTV

Tim’s extensive radio career includes managing both AM and FM rock, oldies, news/talk and sports formats, in multiple US markets. As Vice President, Active Rock Programming at Infinity Broadcasting, the company he has served since 1991, Sabean supervised the programming for Infinity's rock stations WYSP-FM/Philadelphia, WBCN-FM/Boston, WRKZ-FM/Pittsburgh, KUFO-FM/Portland, KRSX-FM/San Antonio, WAZU-FM/Columbus, and WXRK-FM/New York.

Tim’s was most recently the SVP for the Howard Stern Channels where he built the two most successful audio entertainment channels in Satellite Radio History. Sabean was responsible for the development and growth of the Howard Stern Channels for the past 10 years. Sabean also served as SVP of Comedy and Entertainment involved in all aspects of this deep rich offering which serves over 26 million subscribers.