Benefits to Advertising Partners

CMN is your marketing channel, working with the best to give you fantastic exposure. Content is visible on 186 million screens and, through back-end software, is integrated within e360tv’s feature-rich viewing experience. Content-to-commerce, interactive advertising, and branded content create a value proposition that allows viewers to control their experience while unobtrusively pushing brands to the right people, in the right places, at the right time. As an emerging market, cannabis advertising requires options for national, regional, and local businesses and brands. CMN recognizes that, and so we have options for various budgets and goals.


Distribution and Promotion

e360tv is operated on an OTT platform with access to 80 million TV screens via Apple TV, Amazon, Roku, Smart TV’s, etc., as well as personal smart devices and computers. Programming will also be syndicated on other platforms such as Vice, Elite Daily, etc.

The launch and continuous promotion of the network includes a widespread and strategic PR push as well as paid, earned, and owned media. We leverage CMN’s proprietary relationships, partnerships, and shared client bases to collectively syndicate content across multiple platforms.

Throughout the network’s cycles, we will integrate celebrities and influencers into the programming, delivering the ultimate cannabis lifestyle and entertainment experience.

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Measurement and User Acquisition

With CMN’s proprietary technology, we capture and analyze over 200 user data points to formulate detailed insights into audience viewing and purchasing behaviors. Then, we create consumer profiles that allow us to position for success with tailored programming, target extension offerings and follow-up purchase opportunities (when and what to buy). Our tech is designed to decipher all incoming data and create the most compelling, immersive, and purchase-driven viewing experience for registered users.

We then provide our sponsors and advertisers with this comprehensive monthly reporting, offering deep consumer insights around viewers interests and spending habits.
We estimate that we will reach 1 million cannabis audience members with our marketing and promotions in Year 1 and an estimated 200,000 joining the network in Year 2, with that tally climbing to 600,000 members by Year 3.


Brand Integration

Canna Media Network offers brands the opportunity to align with a comprehensive slate of programming and user experiences to accomplish 3 primary objectives through organic product integration:

  1. The Customer Connection. Brands will have the opportunity to create a personalized, ongoing, two-way conversation with both the consumers and retailers through content along with ancillary experiences. CMN will capture footage and cuts into captivating short form pieces for brands to use/repurpose with unlimited rights on their own channels and social platforms.
  2. The Brand Story. Whether in the form of a mini doc or as part of an ongoing series, CMN will provide our partners with the opportunity to tell their brand story and explain the differentials in a highly engaging, entertainment-first narrative.
  3. Sell The Product. The network employs cutting edge technology to eliminate all unnecessary barriers in the journey from content consump on to product purchase. Getting the physical product in the hands of the consumer has never been so easy.
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First-In Benefits

Early sponsorship activation includes the following perks for our First-In Partners

  1. Discounted sponsorship package deal for multi-year agreements.
  2. Right of First Refusal across key categories and series.
  3. Premium positioning throughout the network over competitors brands including unique distribution opportunities.
  4. Collaborative creative integrations and activations for years to come.
  5. Direct relationship with the CMN team from day one to devise the best roadmap to integrate your brand organically and effectively for massive consumer interest and conversions.

Content Curation Process and Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

Broadcast Quality

1920 x 1020 x 2k + resolution

Cinematic Preferred

Short or Long Form Okay

Video Asset Data such as video title, director, producer, cast

*All content is subject to evaluation by the CMN team and submittal does not guarantee acceptance into the CMN Library

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